Welcome To Galexy Tales

Galexy Tales novels are constantly described as page-turners that keep readers awake ‘til the early hours…!

Through Galexy Tales, author Alex James has published the space-opera thriller “Amazon Seven – Book One: Mission Queen” and the urban-horror thriller “Dark Streets – Book One: Agents of Fear”, the dark magical thriller “Saga of the Urban Sorcerers – Book One: The Summoning of Barker Moon” and the epic follow-up instalment “Saga of the Urban Sorcerers – Book Two: The Reckoning of Emerald Tarragon”.

(Alex’s original chart-toppers for AngelPhoenix Media – the mystical thriller “The Pandora Sequence”, and the space-opera thriller “Venus I.A.” are also still available in ebook.)

Alex James is fast becoming known for bold plotting, arresting ideas and engaging characters – with strong points of view and philosophies – and scandalizing new takes on magical systems, cosmic mysticism, alien intervention and human space colonization…

Galexy Tales books stay with you!