All About Al

Alex James is a writer who lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

He was born there on October 15th, 1967, and has lived there ever since.

Alex studied European History, Classical Mythology, Film Studies and Screenwriting under the Communications and Liberal Studies banners at the South Australian College of Advanced Education (now the University of South Australia) but kept dropping out and going back and never finished anything (at least not to his knowledge). He then dabbled with being an advertising copywriter, was apparently quite good at it, but did not enjoy it. He read Tarot for a while, wrote thousands of trivia questions for Imagination Games, and was a ‘film culture’ columnist and reviewer (paid) for the print version of the Adelaide Independent Weekly, before the internet made everyone a critic (unpaid).

Between 1992 and 2005 he wrote many, many, many outlines, treatments, concept documents, bibles, pilots and screenplays, for just about every active Australian production company there was. During that time, a few of these things even almost came close to nearly being made.

A confirmed telly addict who was binge-watching series on videotape decades before it was even a thing, Alex is also a life-long film buff, who has lost count of how many billions of films, and zillions of episodes of television he has seen. Alex saw Star Wars at age ten, arguably the perfect age, which led him immediately to Doctor Who, after which he never looked back. Growing up on BBC series from the ’70s and ’80s, he was honoured in 2002 to be one of several to have a go at the long-touted revival of Blake’s 7. These remain, when all is said and done, his favourite things, alongside The Alan Parsons Project, The Waterboys and All About Eve.

Alex is also a comedy aficionado, whose comedy heroes are too numerous to mention here, but will no doubt one day find their way into a dedication.

He listens to audiobooks, comedy and historical podcasts, and woo-woo radio shows, while drinking coffee, and walking his dog Romana, sometimes all at once. Most recently he was an in-house writer for Angel-Phoenix, who published his first two novels, The Pandora Sequence and Venus A.I., which were well-promoted at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con and apparently did quite well.

Alex’s most recent work has been published independently through Kindle Direct, Smashwords and Ingram-Spark.